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Internal structure and related knowledge of gas spring

Company News
2019/03/26 13:58

The reaction force of the gas spring acts on the rubber cord through the hinge plate, so that the rubber cord can be pressed tightly against the shield shell, thereby forming a stable sealing environment. The steel collar is welded and bolted to the hole to form a unitary body with greater rigidity to ensure safe operation of the entire unit. After the shield completes the assembly of the last loop piece, it continues to advance until the shield is out of the gas spring anti-sock device. In this paper, a gas spring that can provide constant pressure is installed on the basis of the traditional hinge plate device, and an anti-sock gas spring anti-risk device (hereinafter referred to as anti-sock spring device) is formed, which is successfully applied to a certain section of Zhengzhou subway. Shield Engineering provides a new technology and ideas for risk control in the arrival of shields. A project is the contract section of Zhengzhou City Rapid Rail Transit Line 1 line. The section of the Qilihe Station-Xinzheng Station Station Tunnel is an integral part of the section. Two 6140mm articulated earth pressure balance shield machines are used. )construction. The inner diameter of the tunnel is 5400mm and the width of the segment is 1.5m and the thickness is 0.30m.  The tunnel section of the shield tunnel is distributed in silty soil, silty clay and fine sand layer. The depth of the groundwater level is slightly higher than that of the shield tunnel. The top of the tunnel is about 321 m. The shield tunnel is reinforced with deep mixing piles combined with jet grouting piles. The working principle of the anti-sock device of the shield into the hole is shown in the figure. The device is mainly composed of a gas spring, a hinge plate, a steel pad, a rubber cord and the like. The gas spring anti-sock seal is installed on site before the shield  arrives.